Louie’s Farewell Blog

Louie’s Farewell Blog

It is the early morning hours  as I  write my  final farewell  to all of my LightheartedLouieblog readers.   I was restless on the bed so Nancy is sleeping next to me on the couch.  Funny thing is that once I found my perfect sleeping position and was ready to go back to sleep, she awakened me because now, she can’t sleep.   We sure have taken good care of each other all of these years, haven’t we?!

I think the whole world needs to learn that simplicity can be the most profound concept. Even though I have remained Lighthearted Louie throughout most of my blogs, the fact is that happiness is really quite simple. Far too many people overthink simplicity and never arrive at it’s destination. They are not seeing the obvious. My hope for all of you reading my last blog is that your lives will be uncomplicated and made simple in your mission here on earth.

Recently, I helped Nancy find a used guitar. I believe it will help her through my departure from earth. We all need distractions when simplicity is not attainable. Really, it is that simple dear friends – LOVE, LIVE, LAUGH and let go – let go of all the anxieties and fears that this world seems to be throwing at you.

Now, it is time for me turn my blog over to to my precious little sister, Harmony. Even though I think Harmony has never been interested in writing a blog, she will eventually write. You wonder how I know this? Well, she seeks approval from others. (Nancy is encouraging her to write!) I think with her sense of humor and her sensitive character, she will try to help your life be lighthearted too. My mission to keep my blog lighthearted has always been that simple!

By no means is Harmony as lighthearted as I am! But then, don’t forget NOT to compare yourself to others! People and dogs that come and go from your lives, can teach you so many life lessons. Harmony has an appropriate name as she too will try to bring more “harmony” into your daily lives and keep the melodies singing around you.

As I have said before, I am leaving this earth with absolutely NO REGRETS!

P.S. A HUGE Thank you to the two people that have helped me with this blog. Thanks Alicia S. for helping me with the WordPress set-up and to Andy E. for hosting my blog.

5 thoughts on “Louie’s Farewell Blog

  1. Thank you, Louie! Mission accomplished. You have soothed many weary souls and brightened many days.
    So, until we meet again, I send much love.

  2. I’m am absolutely sobbing, reading this – I am so, so sad for your loss. My heart goes out to your entire family and know everyone’s life that was touched by Louie share in your grief. There’s never enough time…but we carry their love in our hearts each and every day. I recently saw a picture with a woman surrounded by dogs and cats that said “And God said…let us send them without wings so none suspect they are angels.” Peace, love and grace to you all.

    1. I sobbed again when I read your heartfelt comments Dana. Thanks for being one of Louie’s most loyal readers. Thanks for your incredibly wise comments always! I hope they will keep coming when Harmony eventually writes for Louie’s blog?! Please give hugs to Ike and everyone at your house from me. Blessings, Nancy

  3. I have no words of comfort that would help those Louie is leaving behind. We all know them so I won’t say them. I WILL say it’s always too soon to say goodbye to those we love and who share our lives, even when we know what is coming. They live forever in their own special places in our hearts. My profound sympathy at this hard time – I know how much love went between you all and it will never die.

    1. Thank you, Mary! Thank you for being one of Louie’s most loyal readers. Louie always enjoyed reading your wonderful comments and he was so glad that you shared your delightful dog stories with us. Harmony will eventually take over Louie’s blog, but she too is very sad right now and will need time. We are so blessed to have our dogs to LOVE and to learn how to love through them. Take care Mary!

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