A Fallen Tree Won’t Stop Me!

A Fallen Tree Won’t Stop Me!

It is certainly not every day that we open the garage to find a tree blocking our driveway. But then, it is not every day that you sit and read a blog written by a dog either! Perhaps we all need to realize that none of our lives are very normal after all, whether there is a coronavirus spreading or not. I think if you had someone that loved you as much as Nancy & Greg love us, you would be a homebody too. Yup, I have now mastered the new art of being a homebody!

I am not even going to reflect on what I once was because where would that get me anyway?! Besides, if you want to read about my past, there are quite a few years of past blogs you could read. Just don’t come asking me why I don’t run 2-3 miles a day or enter frisbee competitions these days. I will say, I do enjoy watching my sister Harmony take over the task of keeping Nancy from becoming a couch potato.

So, are you wondering if the tree falling detoured us from our walk? Don’t you think that is a silly question, especially when you consider how Nancy is most often, tenacious. Have you ever tried to even hint that she could not do something? How about that time she got her “extra-class” ham radio license when those electrical engineers said she could NEVER pass that test?(Yes, I have heard about that for years!) So yes, we managed to go around that fallen tree effortlessly and didn’t look back either.

One thought on “A Fallen Tree Won’t Stop Me!

  1. Louie-
    I’m so thankful that the fallen tree didn’t damage anything, or injure anyone, as it fell! Tenacity is a great quality to have, especially during a pandemic. I’ve been labeled other terms that could be synonyms for tenacious, but think I’d prefer being called tenacious! I hope you didn’t have any more fallen trees after the storm early this morning? I slept right through it, which was unbelievable to my next-door neighbor who claimed that lightning struck somewhere very close and shook her entire house! Thankfully I’ve been gifted with the ability to sleep well, even through crazy storms. Now that the weather has improved, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend on tap! Ike is planning a hike for somewhere outside of the metro area, but hasn’t told us where yet…guess it will be a surprise! Now off to Friday night pizza with the neighbors 🙂

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