August 18, 2020

August 18, 2020

Every day should be like yesterday. It was a day of no one rushing, not even talk of any such urgency. How lovely it is to enjoy leisurely walks intertwined with some necessary routines.  It is so apparent to me that many humans need to take more days to reflect on the positive and beauty surrounding them. I may have trouble breathing at times, but I do know how to pace myself on our walks. My walks allow me to continue to breath as well.

I like to linger outside on these gorgeous summer days especially when I can catch a whiff of the marigolds on the side of the house. Do you ever smell something and then, you are flooded with memories associated with that aroma? Forever, I will remember marigolds for their brilliant autumn colors and that smell. Oh, and the smell of rain in the air, that is so very sweet too.

Maybe the memories generated by smell and sight are to remind us to continue to make new memories?! Or, how about sounds? You know when you hear a familiar tune and it takes you back to a place that you had almost forgotten? I know, too many questions huh! You recall just where you were when you first heard that song or note; the feeling you had as the music nudged your heart. Hey, do you get the point now – I have not been your ordinary dog, have I? But then, I don’t live with such an ordinary family either.

Catching a whiff of marigolds

One thought on “August 18, 2020

  1. Louie-
    So happy to hear you are fully enjoying the leisurely pace of summer! I chuckled as I thought of memories triggered by sensory stimuli – cinnamon is a smell that for me, always reminds me of my grandma’s kuchen (a coffee cake). She used a lot of cinnamon in her baking, which she did a lot of! Certain perfumes, smells in the air that smell like “back to school”, and certain songs will take me right back to where I was when…. And Mountain Ash trees – every time I see them I think of my dad because they were his favorites! I feel so blessed to have all of my senses to appreciate and take in the amazing world around me! Enjoy the summery weekend!

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