No Regrets!

No Regrets!

You know, I have always been a lighthearted dog and I don’t intend to change. But, it leads me to touch on a not so lighthearted subject today.    I hope as you go through this life on earth, you can venture on without any regrets. Every single day, I hope you express your love and appreciation to family and friends.   I can rest so peacefully because I feel I have accomplished both of the above.  Of course, not to sound all full of myself, especially since this is a far more complex subject with you humans than us dogs.

Think about my purpose here on this earth; it was to simply be Lighthearted Louie. My mission became so uncomplicated from the beginning. I was to help my family keep life in perspective, to teach them to not focus on themselves, but the joy of others. I wonder how many days I gently nudged Nancy to get out of herself and think of someone else? Then, I would get to hear the results of my teaching at the end of the day. Yup, my rewards were witnessing those “aha” moments. (Ok, and those treats I got for being such a good teacher!)

Most often, I get up before the sun and go to bed after the sunset. That said, I get to see the beauty of each day’s rising and setting. I can’t control how my family here on earth will act each day, but I certainly can be here for them no matter what their day’s outcome brings them. My biggest hope is at the end of each day, they too will become more lighthearted and become closer to not feeling any regrets with their time here on earth as well. I know I certainly have no regrets!

One thought on “No Regrets!

  1. Excellent advice Louie! Being mindful and more aware of the simple things in life that can bring us joy are so important for filling the spiritual bucket. Having one eye on the future, one in the rearview mirror, and both in the present can help us all chart a life without regrets. Wishing you a lighthearted week!

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