Just a lovely summer day……

Just a lovely summer day……

Today, is an absolutely perfect summer day! It is warm, yet not hot and it is breezy, but not so much that it blows us over on our walks. I am still not sure what I am going to write about this week in my blog because I think on these beautiful days, one should not think too much! I believe that during these months of quarantine for humans, they are finally starting to grasp the concept of the art of relaxation. In my subtle ways, I have certainly tried to convey a life of leisure, don’t you think?!

Speaking of relaxing, I do think I can take the credit for teaching Nancy how to relax more often. Yup, I sit in her studio when she plays her saxophone and I act like I am really listening when most of the time, I am totally dreaming about our next walk. Don’t tell her, but my hearing is not that good anymore, so it is almost like I wear ear plugs anyway. Us dogs really help you humans to slow down a bit…yup, we know how to manipulate some of you humans with our eyes.

So, to sum up my blog this week, I told you I was not very inspired to write. So, that is all I have…sorry!

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