Harmony, My Sister

Harmony, My Sister

Today, I am writing about my sister, Harmony. Eventually, Harmony will take over my blog, but for now, I will just write about her. She can play outside for 15 minutes or more and then, after a one minute rest, she looks at us as if we never played with her yet? She is like the “energizer poodle” if there ever was one! I try to keep up with her in the backyard. Oh how she wants to play, and then, I decide to just watch from the deck.

Contrary to my instincts, Harmony is quite the hunter. Yesterday, she caught a squirrel because Nancy forgot to give the squirrel fair warning. When Nancy shouted “drop it” Harmony let it go. (Nancy credits that obedience to the breeder’s training – thanks Jill L., Musique Standard Poodles). I do wish I would have had a camera for the look on Nancy’s face when Harmony caught that squirrel. All I can say is it was quite a panic expression there for a few seconds.

I am trying to imagine what Harmony will write about someday? For starters, she would have to sit still long enough to write. Wait, she loves to listen to Nancy play saxophone, just like I do But then, I don’t write about that because I can never put her notes into words! Harmony loves adventure, that is probably what she will write about. I have always enjoyed being a homebody. I guess that is why I never minded being persuaded to write my blog.

One thought on “Harmony, My Sister

  1. Louie, I do hope that you are doing well! With the blog topic being about Harmony and your alluding to the fact that Harmony will one day take over your blog, I was left wondering if you are in good health? I realize you’re aging (like all of us) but am hoping all is well with your health.

    Harmony’s experience with a squirrel is what I think Ike dreams of when he dreams! I am fortunate that he never caught a squirrel, as my reaction would have been similar to Nancy’s! That’s not to say there weren’t some very close calls over the years. Thankfully, Ike also learned the “drop it” command and our puppy trainer Libby encouraged that because she said you never know when you might drop a human medication that an untrained dog might consume that would be hazardous to their health. To prevent that, we worked very hard on this command and it’s one he has always obeyed, but we’ve never put it to the challenge of a captured squirrel! On that note, for all of the older dogs reading, here’s to catching many squirrels in your dreams 🙂

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