Passion: July 18, 2020

Passion: July 18, 2020

I wonder if any of you even read my TBT (Throw Back Thursday) blog a few days ago? If you read it, do you think my writing has improved in the past ten years? When I asked Nancy, she compared it to listening to her own saxophone performing ten years ago. Please, let me explain! Nancy said that the more she practices saxophone, the more she feels she needs to practice. In other words, perfection can never be reached! Now, let me just make it very clear that I was never attempting perfection in my writing (I know, that is obvious) but rather, just writing as I see it from a standard poodle’s point of view.

I do however, believe that when there is passion in one’s life, it is exemplified in one’s life choices. Why else do Nancy & Greg continue to have dogs for example. Why does Nancy continue to practice saxophone or bassoon? Or, why does Greg continue to work with wood? You get the point! Passion is one human word that I have become very fond of since I live with extremely passionate people.

I wanted to read what some of the experts say about passion and here is what I found. Dr. Travis Bradberry says “It’s important to note that passion doesn’t require expertise—although there is a correlation, it’s not a given. Vallerand and two other researchers studied 187 musicians and found that those who focused on perfecting their performance—what Vallerand calls “mastery”—developed a higher level of expertise than those who focused on merely being better than other musicians. If passion defines you, it makes sense that your personal best will be about you and no one else.” That totally sums it up… simply be our own competition, to continue to be better people/dogs. Yup, I kind of work on being a better dog, don’t I?

2 thoughts on “Passion: July 18, 2020

  1. Louie-
    I did read your TBT blog and I remember it from when you originally wrote it! Guess we’ve known each other a long time 😉 Your blog has always been fun to read and I heard it said recently that “you are what you practice”, so if I use that theory, your blogs would be better because you’ve had more practice writing them! It seems to me that when passion drives people’s life choices, they are generally happier. In my work, it’s said that passion is what keeps you going through those really tough times. I suppose that also makes sense in a pandemic too, doesn’t it? The only question that remains is what passion to indulge? And I don’t see much room for improvement on your part Louie since I already think you are an excellent, passionate dog!

    1. Dana, You certainly are a gifted writer! I always feel uplifted after reading your replies on my blog. Thank you so much! Louie

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