TBT: from March 2010

TBT: from March 2010

Minnesota Twins: Outdoors Without Dogs?

(Louie is going to publish some blogs he wrote back in the early days when he sent them out via e-mail or iWeb. Here is the one of many to follow – unedited.)


This just isn’t right! Now, you know that I am a rather lighthearted dog all the time, moving with the flow, but I just have to vent today. I would think now that the Minnesota Twin’s baseball team has an outdoor stadium that they would have a section devoted to the dog lover’s sections. I suppose all of you think that we would be barking and leaving messes behind? But, they could make sure that all the dogs entering the stadium have passed their “Canine Good Citizenship Award” as I did several year ago (and even I should review that class!). I am sure that not all dogs have learned some of the proper etiquette to watching baseball or mingling with people. I was very sad to learn that I can’t even be considered for a spot at the stadium (I wouldn’t even mind standing!). After all, we watch the games at home, so I know baseball. We even know how to fetch the ball faster than some of the professional players and we aren’t paid millions, nor seek fame. I guess I will have to nudge Greg and Nancy to take me to some of the Saint’s games for they probably allow dogs? I could have helped the Twin’s set-up a dog treat booth and an area to sell Twin’s dog apparel, etc. Just think, that could have helped them pay for Joe Maulers salary. Whoa – you should have seen the signs of relief around here when the news broke that Joe Mauer signed his contract. OK, anyone for a game of catch?

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