Bird Watching

Bird Watching

I wake up each day, eagerly anticipating the discovery of yet another new bird visiting our yard. I don’t know about you, but have you been noticing the birds more this year too? Just the other day, we were all sitting on the couch (no big surprise, I know) when all of sudden Nancy gasped with excitement and squealed, “oh my, what is that bird – it is so pretty!” So, we sent a photo to our neighbors because they also are quite the bird watchers. Instantly, they sent a reply back that the bird was a Scarlet Tanager. It was the brilliant red that captured our gaze. Now, we have had the pleasure of seeing this new discovery twice this summer in our yard.

It is the simple things in life that bring me so much joy. I mean, what else can us dogs do except help our human friends and family discover all the beauty right in their backyards, right?! While Harmony (my sister for those that don’t often read my blog) is off chasing squirrels and chipmunks, I tend to settle on gazing into the sky and keeping my ears open for new birds. By the way, I also had the pleasure of seeing a bluebird this morning, but I am sorry to say that I did not have my camera ready to share in the memory.

When I am not watching for birds, I am supervising Harmony fetch her various balls. Gee, I actually think she jumps higher than I once did? If I may say so, I once had some amazing acrobatic moves. Now, I just enjoy watching Harmony provide all of the entertainment. The mind is willing but my body is not! Nowadays, I am more or less Harmony’s coach. She learned to be a great listener from her breeder, Jill. Fortunately, she applies any lessons I can teach her. I hope you hear and see new birds in your neighborhood soon too!

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  1. Louie, Nancy, I thought the same! …a friend and I recently discussed (the other day) the many birds here, as well. They are beautiful. A Cardinal is our (Ohio) state bird and I see those in abundance here from the deck. Neighbors on both sides of us feed the birds, so we are the lucky recipients of their beauty!! …and it’s a special blessing, as Cardinals remind me very much of my mother who passed a few years ago. We’ve spotted eagles! Happy day to you!

  2. Beautiful pictures Louie! I don’t know bird types very well either, but we certainly have noticed many more birds and other wildlife in our yard this spring/summer. Ike, like you, has a willing mind, but not-so-willing body and he has been content to watch our neighbors’ new puppies playing while he lays in the cool grass. Perhaps we all get a bit more contemplative with old age 😉 Wishing you a beautiful week filled with many more nature sightings!

  3. Ah yes – the Scarlet Tananger. Did you hear the beautiful song that bird sings, Louie? We never get those around here – once or twice a season we get an Oriole, which we get quite excited about because it is very rare. We just have lots of woodpeckers (several sizes); cardinals, finches, blue jays and sparrows. Of course we have squirrels which are great for entertainment. Kirby always tries to get them and his optimism never fades, but fortunately so far he has not. They are far too agile and fast. Enjoy all the beautiful birds and other wonders – we all have to do so every day while we can.

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