Recipes For Humans!

Recipes For Humans!

Today’s topic of food is one that I have rarely discussed in my blogs. While food is indeed a necessity, us dogs certainly do not dwell on it like you humans do. We simply eat what is put in front of us and don’t usually think about it.  So that should throw out any notion you may have that us standard poodles are finicky eaters! You know that saying: “One should eat to live, not live to eat.” Well, both Socrates (469-399BC) and Molière (1622-73) had their versions of those sayings. Anyhow, that is how I feel, I just eat to live so I have energy to do whatever!

Speaking of food, Nancy sure has been experimenting with a lot of human food recipes these past three months. This is really out of her character since we all know she actually intensely dislikes cooking. When I ask her about all this cooking she says, “Well, I am learning how to cook some forty years a bit late, so I have to make up for lost time in a way!” I wonder if she ever tells her students to make up for all the time they don’t practice? Wait, that is a bit different and for another blog. For now, I will show you some of the new recipes made at this house. I only take photos in case I run out of stuff to talk about on my blog. Duh, yup, that was for this week!

2 thoughts on “Recipes For Humans!

  1. So Louie, I wonder if enjoying food is something that’s unique to humans? Or is it because humans control their pet’s food intake and our vets tell us to feed you only healthy food? Regardless, I digress. But, I can totally relate to Nancy’s dislike of cooking as I much prefer baking myself. I find cooking to be “a chore that’s meeting a need” rather than an enjoyable exploration of what can be done to bring out certain flavors, mainly because I just don’t have the interest. And trying to please four completely different sets of tastes is really challenging and often frustrating (the saying “you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all the people all of the time” rings true here). I enjoy trying recipes, but I also don’t have the skill that some gifted cooks (like my mom) do where they can just add this and that, and it tastes great. Or they can make something out of leftovers in the fridge (you’ll find me googling ideas for ingredients). I suppose this leads to the fact that we all have our gifts and I’m thankful I’m surrounded by excellent cooks! Do keep us posted on Nancy’s cooking successes – I’m always looking for inspiration and the food pictured looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Well Louie – they say college students gain the “Freshman 15” and now they are saying we humans are into the “COVID 19” which is where I am. I happen to love cooking and have indulged myself in this isolation stuff. I love to see Nancy’s fancy cookies (I don’t do those) and see how creatively they are decorated. My friends here, Dylan and Kirby, DO live to eat and LOVE their treats and special meals. They are both a little “bulky” too after so much staying home and not training or working. Guess it has gotten to all of us. Keep on keeping on I say – let’s hear it for good food! I’m all in on that one!

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