Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

Have you ever been dragged along to somewhere only to discover a brand new adventure? Well, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Nancy said I had had enough of sitting around and that I needed some stimulations. I reminded her that I have enough that arouses my interests right in my own home and backyard. But, no, she would not listen. So, I grudgingly made my way to the car.

As we drove, I recalled how much I love riding in the car. I smelled all the blossoms in the air, not to mention, I saw all of those blossoms too. What had started out to be a dreaded adventure soon became “a breath of fresh air” as you humans often refer to it.

You may ask, then what was the new adventure? My new adventure was a drastic shift in my attitude. For just a few days, I had allowed myself to become self-absorbed with my aching muscles and my deteriorating motor skills . But, by getting out, I snapped out of my self-pity trip and restored myself to Lighthearted Louie.

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