Introducing Brie!

Introducing Brie!

My friend, that hosts just got an adorable dog! I am wondering if I can take some credit for inspiring him to finally get a dog? After all, people see how much I appreciate my human family, not to mention all the love and joy I provide for them. I was unable to go meet Brie the other night in person, but I am living vicariously through Nancy and Greg’s first encounters with their new french bull dog friend. Once they showed me all the photos of others enjoying Brie, I really felt like I was there with them at the time. But, then, I woke up and said, hey come on, next time take me with to meet Brie, OK?!

I recall when I came to live with my family back in January of 2007. It was quite a journey from Toronto. Ever since that flight as a puppy, I still like my cuddle time with Nancy each day or evening to listen to her heart. We really do have a special bond and I am certain that Brie will have that special bond with all the people she meets too. It’s OK to reminisce once in awhile when it conjures up such great memories! So, I think I could give Brie some good advice when I meet her. Mostly, I will just tell Brie to love her humans unconditionally and always let them think that you are listening to them. That last one, I have mastered so well!

Anyhow, here is my blog host’s new puppy, Brie. Isn’t she a cutie? I was pretty cute as a puppy too you know?! For once, I will keep my blog shorter. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Brie!

  1. Oh my goodness, that puppy sure is cute! I’m certain that you inspired the puppy Louie, how could that not be the case? You’ve been such a positive addition to your home, I’m sure everyone would want a dog like you! Our neighbors also just got a puppy named Jada, and our next door neighbors will be getting a new puppy on Saturday, so our neighborhood is filled with new puppies! Ike has been quite good with them, although he looks like a giant when he stands next to them 🙂 I love your puppy picture – it doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? Have a wonderful week!

    1. Dana, how exciting that there are so many new puppies in your neighborhood! Ike will certainly be a wonderful influence on those cute puppies 😉 Thank you for the compliments too as my mission has always been to provide positive vibes to all I encounter. It means so much to me that I still can do that even though I am such an old dog. Have a fabulous week!

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