Trust and Excitement

Trust and Excitement

The other day, I had a wonderful blog in my head about TRUST. Now however, I find myself trying to trust my faltering memory. This happens far too often lately. Then, Nancy reminds me that she is right next to my side helping me. I need to act on TRUST instead of writing about TRUST! You see, I can’t do steps very well anymore. There are times that I attempt steps on my own to only fall flat on my belly. I need to wait for my human guide human because I am not so much the dog guide anymore.

I am not sad about all of this old age stuff because I am still living a good life. Once I accepted that I needed help, I was able to continue to do the things I love, just not on my own. When I ask Nancy who she trust the most, she reminds me that in my blog, I don’t talk about religion or politics. She assured me that I should not worry! OK then. I simply asked that question to make sure she can trust someone since HELLO, I am getting a bit shaky here!

Oh, I do have some exciting news to report! My dear friends that helped me get my blog going on WordPress and are hosting it for me, just brought home a puppy yesterday. I hope I can take some credit for them finally getting a dog for their family after reading how much I love living with my family? (Was that just way too vain of me to say?) I think I get to meet the puppy in the next few days? Seriously, I am so excited for them! I am sure that I will share photos of such a beautiful adventure. Stay tuned!

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