The Simple Things!

The Simple Things!

As you already know, I write my blog to simply add a bit of sunshine into your world. Today, my topic is a bit odd, but here it goes. I think sometimes humans have to venture out of their comfort zone to discover that they remained in their comfort zone for a reason. Yup, to make a full circle back to their original dreams and goals. That is not to say that some may divert from their comfort zone only to wonder why it took them so long to “test the waters” as you say. Take me for instance, I never even left my comfort zone, because ah duh, why would I?

You see, us dogs don’t strive for much, except the simple things in life. Mostly, the simple things do not cost you humans much in the way of money. Just a few examples of the treasured things in our lives are walks, fetching balls, listening to music (OK, I had to say that one since Nancy reads my blogs), bird watching and oh, of course the cuddling.

It wouldn’t hurt for humans to “unplug” all of those digital devices more often and sit in silence. Whenever my family turns off their phones and computers, I sigh a sigh of relief. I hope that maybe this time they will understand? Whatever happened to talking to each other instead of playing those silly games on the phone or checking social media? Gee, Nancy asked me once if I wanted my own Facebook page and I literally shook my head NO and that subject never came up again. So, I hope all of you can “unplug” from whatever consumes you more than it should this week. Learn a new bird’s song or follow an unknown path somewhere; but, whatever you do, keep your little skip in your step, OK!

One thought on “The Simple Things!

  1. Unplugging has been so necessary during the pandemic, is such a positive influence on our attitudes and moods, yet sometimes so hard to do. In our back yard, we’ve watched a pileated woodpecker, listened to owls, seen ducks nesting, and watched a mother robin in the nest until her eggs hatched! And we’re still trying to identify the source of some of the bird sounds 🙂 It has been a great reminder of how blessed we are to have nature right in our back yard and a reminder of how simple the things are that can bring us joy. Thank you for the reminder and today’s dose of sunshine!

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