One Day at a Time!

One Day at a Time!

My job as Lighthearted Louie is to remain positive for both my owners/family and my readers. If you think this is difficult to accomplish as a dog writing for you humans, that is definitely an understatement. As dogs, we simply try to be present for humans. We are so appreciative that you feed and walk us, but our joy is to see our owners happy. After all, we are wired to just love life and that, is exactly what I do!

I hear humans say “Attitude is Everything!” and I while that is true, I continue to only know my Lighthearted Louie attitude. Even in my old age, and I am old, I don’t dwell on my age. However, it’s imperative that I remind all of you to love and care for each other always. I know my days on this earth are numbered, but I will continue to live one day at a time, bringing smiles, love, peace and laughter to all of you!

4 thoughts on “One Day at a Time!

  1. Louie-
    Thank you for the positive uplifting message and the picture of your lovely self in front of the beautiful flowers! It brought a smile to my face which was just what I needed today. I always try to look for the hope in the world – it’s always there, sometimes harder to find than others, but always there. Wishing you a hope-filled day!

    1. Hello Dana, Thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog. Your comments always make me smile too! Have a lovely week!

  2. Excellent message, Louie, on a day when it is really hard to find a positive thing to dwell on! Thanks for reminding us of the important things! Being old and getting older is not so much fun but, as they always say, “it beats the alternative” so getting up each day is always a positive, right?

    1. Thanks, Mary! You know, being older also has many advantages. I am at peace with this beautiful life I have enjoyed here on earth. Thank you for reading my blog all these years. Have a great week, Mary!

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