Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Don’t you just love rainy days? This time, all of us at our home anticipated a rainy weekend. I motivated everyone to finish their outside chores so we could enjoy some snuggle time. Right now, we are watching the replay of a 1991 Baseball World Series game. You may remember that I am a huge Minnesota Twin’s Baseball fan, right?!

I wonder what all of my fans (I think I have a few fans?) are doing this rainy Memorial Day weekend? I have only lived with this family so I have no idea what others do for entertainment, rain or shine? Perhaps, you work on puzzles together? Maybe you play cards, board games or bird watching? Actually, I hope some of you discover my favorite past time during rainy weather? Ah yes, nap times, and yes, I mean plural!

This Memorial Day weekend, let me thank both the Veterans and the military dogs who have sacrificed their lives for our country. Also, I thank the current soldiers and their companion dogs. I guess my duties as a companion for my family is quite uncomplicated and simple compared to those military dogs. I also want to thank Andy E., the host of this blog website, for serving our country. All of the valiant contributions of the Veterans and military dogs keeps America safer. Your courageous service is so appreciated! Thank you for your ultimate sacrifices while you served and are serving our country.

I did some research on standard poodles as military dogs. I am including the article below titled “Poodles as War Dogs” that you may click if you so desire.

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