Hope Happens! May 21, 2020

Hope Happens! May 21, 2020

Sometimes, even us dogs find hope in odd places. It was quite a normal Tuesday when I got all excited that it was time to mow the backyard. Around here, that means we can stay outside for at least an hour, and that is not counting our several walks. I observed from the deck outlined with flowers. With each breath, I inhaled the different senses of flowers and I listened to the bird songs (even though accompanied by some loud lawnmower). As an old dog, I could still take in the simple pleasures of life.

After the backyard was finished, I moved to the front yard to watch while Nancy dug leaves out of rocks. She said she was too lazy to go get the backpack blower for the task and that she liked handling all the rocks. I watched intently as I wondered what she was searching for in those rocks? Then, it appeared – a rock that actually had HOPE engraved on it. I felt as if a “rock” had hit me in the head right then and there.

Nancy told me that I could not write about Hope in my blog because it is far too complex for a LightheartedLouieBlog. Instead, I will show you the “HOPE” rock she found.

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