Kindness 101, May 16, 2020

Kindness 101, May 16, 2020

Finally, we watched a movie that seemed quite applicable to training anyone on this earth. Let’s just say that they compared training a puppy to training a human. I know, I could barely believe my floppy ears when I began to watch this movie! Every time the puppy did something right, it got a treat – sounds all good, right?! Every time the human greeted the puppy, they were excited to see them, ah, duh! But, the part I loved was that once again, us dogs could teach you humans some basic kindness 101.

As I watched this movie, I realized so much of my mission on this earth has been to remind my owners to keep everything in perspective. If we are all kind to each other, it becomes contagious and eventually, we don’t even need the treats for doing things “right”, right?! I may have gone through some training to get my “Canine Good Citizenship Award” but, I think I learned far more from my experience with my humans.

People and us dogs don’t need treats at all, we just need love. Sure, I love my treats, but I love those random hugs I get on my walks more. Sometimes, as we are walking, Nancy will abruptly stop like she is going to burst out with one of her revelations, when she simply declares her love for me. I am always perplexed by this until I conclude that she really does love me that much! When was the last time you told your human or pet how much you love them? During this pandemic, don’t let those precious times of love go unspoken!

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  1. Ah Louie – you are SO right – as is usually the case. You sure are a smart guy, for sure. You will never regret taking the time to say something special to someone and it seems like they never forget it either! Such good advice. You sweet dogs certainly have a lot to teach us humans as we think we know so much and everything is so complicated. You are exactly right – just keep it simple and tell it like it is. Good for you and keep up the good thoughts! We all need something positive in these days instead of just hearing the gloom and doom and endless WHINING! I like your way of feeling and acting much better.

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