Spring in Progress!

Spring in Progress!

I almost forgot why we did not have all of these beautiful flowers last year, until I watched all the preparation and planting the past few days. I was so excited to see the dolly come out of storage because I thought I was going to get a ride on it? But, I soon learned it’s mission was to move all the clay pots. (It is still in the backyard, so I am not losing hope on my dolly ride, yet!) Then, we had to prep of the pots. The holes had to be covered for proper draining and filled with new soil.

Oh, did I mention that of course they had to plan the flower and tomato layout? Can’t you humans ever make a quick decision? Apparently, not at this house as long as Nancy is involved. Greg has the gift of “let’s just do it” instead of analyzing every angle….geez Louise! As the planting continued I was excited to see and smell the splendor of spring!

As I sat on the deck, I realized that the beauty of the flowers would be accompanied by the many bird songs. Here on this deck, I would look forward to the many spring and summer concerts. The stage of flowers overlooking an audience of trees, deer and yup, those tomato plants. Social distancing would be applicable to anyone wanting to attend such concerts.

One thought on “Spring in Progress!

  1. The flowers are just gorgeous – don’t you just find them to be a balm to the soul? Even though vegetable gardens, and my parents had one the size of a small farm field, are likely more practical in providing food and sustaining physical health, flower gardens are so much more enjoyable to me and feed my emotional and spiritual health. I too am more of an impulsive gardener, but I try to remember the sage advice that “plan comes before work in the dictionary.” How many times have I found that if I had planned, I would have saved time, effort, and had a better result? I do think planning comes more naturally for some than others while others, like me, prefer to just jump in (like I did off the dock at a lake, much to my mother’s horror, as a kid before I knew how to swim…but that’s another story). Here’s hoping that all of your senses are indulged today and in the week ahead!

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