May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020

If there is ever one thing us dogs don’t do very often, it is to become perplexed. I just don’t understand why my sudden display of energy would cause Nancy to get all emotional? We were outside and I started playing with Harmony, simply forgetting how old I really feel lately, when Nancy became all teary eyed?! I was like, what is up with her now? Shouldn’t she be happy that I am happy? Apparently not, and she was so choked up that she wouldn’t even talk about it. Whoa, that is rare ya know!

After we sat down, she explained how great her life has been with me. But, I tried to explain, hey, I am not going anywhere yet, so stop this talk and let’s just live. So, like often, I distracted her from her over thinking. You know, staying busy is actually very good therapy for you humans. Of course, it can be over rated. Gee, now I am over thinking all this too.

I was right, it was a perfect day to start planting all the wave petunias, other flowers and tomato plants. They had been dragged indoors for the last week because of the cold nights. I tried to help, but I moved aside when I got a bit of that potting soil on my nose. Now, the only reason I am writing my blog is because the rain pushed us indoors. I could not complain because I was granted my wish for flowers galore back into our front and backyards this year. Now, at this home, flowers happen again! Hmmmm….maybe Nancy was over thinking her amount of flowers this year!?

Below are the flowers to be planted in the backyard. Yes, I need to be groomed

One thought on “May 13, 2020

  1. 🌼🌺Very pretty flowers. I could almost see your dirty nose in the potting soil! So cute. I hope you have some really nice planting weather! I think a warm spell is coming. Hugs. Lori

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