Our Visitor, Sadie

Our Visitor, Sadie

During this time of quarantine at home, even us dogs need a break from our usual routine! That is exactly what I got on Sunday when we welcomed our friend Sadie, back for a short visit. Perhaps you recall that I am always chaperoning Harmony so with Sadie visiting, I could relinquish my duties for a few hours. Harmony wore out everyone while she played the game I taught her – fetch the ball! It was a satisfying day to witness Harmony playing with Sadie and yes, leaving me to watch from the deck.

Since Harmony and Sadie are the same age (4), it left me a bit perplexed that their temperaments were so opposite. OK, so I realize I am not to compare anyone, even if it is us dogs, but I can not resist this observation. While Harmony seemed to think she had to be full of energy to entertain, Sadie felt no pressure to perform anything. She was just being her calm self ready to serve as a peaceful companion. I was rather surprised that my inner therapy dog kicked in while I analyzed these two dogs in the backyard. Both dogs, totally comfortable with their dog missions here on earth. No dog therapy needed with these two canine friends!

Therefore, I will continue to be a therapy dog for you humans, when needed. Now now, don’t go acting like you will never need any therapy?! Usually the very people that think that they don’t need some therapy are the very people that need the most therapy. Don’t worry, I am not looking for any new patients because I have enough at this very house with my own family.

One thought on “Our Visitor, Sadie

  1. Your post made me contemplate whether we become more observational with age, or at least more content to observe because we don’t have the energy of our youth? It is interesting to observe that some that feel the need to “perform”, with their process being very externally motivated while others simply “play”, and it’s a very internal process…they don’t really care whether or not others hear or see them, and maybe even prefer that they aren’t seen or heard. While that’s likely related to personality and temperament, as you noted, it seems to be what you described with Harmony and Sadie. And I’ve found that as I’ve aged, there’s a desire both to understand human behavior, and realize that it can never be understood! And you’re right, after this pandemic, I think we could all use some therapy! Maybe you could put out a can the way Lucy from the Snoopy cartoons did – although with inflation you could probably charge $5 rather than 5 cents 🙂 I hope you can enjoy the green outdoors Louie!

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