May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

Truly, it is spring and for this reason, I can get my leap of joy back into my prance for so many reasons! First of all, this means that Nancy will be mowing the lawn and she allows us to stay outside for the duration. I just love the smell of freshly mowed lawn, don’t you? Secondly, I get to watch the progression of the iris and tulips blooming on the side of our house. Each day, after our walk, we go review the planter’s progress of flowers. Maybe this year, I will help decide a few more annual flowers for that planter box? Hmmmm……Nancy likes to pick an “experimental” plant each year, so I am eager to learn what it may be. Stay tuned in to learn the arrival of the new blooms.

Another reason I like springtime is the vast variety of birds singing all around us. I was curious about what birds I have been hearing lately, so I actually searched the internet for bird calls (Ok, so Nancy had to help me on this one!) I could have listened for hours to all the beautiful bird songs. To say I was fascinated with the accuracy and consistency of their pitches would be an understatement! We hear black-capped chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, northern cardinals, white-throated sparrows and occasionally, mourning doves and great-horned owls. I was so enthralled by this new educational video on bird songs that I forgot I needed to finish this blog. I know that we will be researching more videos like this while being home together during Minnesota quarantine time. Now, I understand why Nancy nudges people to whistle so much – she tries to mimic these birds all the time…….oh my! No, I can’t whistle, yet!

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  1. LOVE those bird songs! We have all those here but also a lot of woodpeckers! My boys (especially the bird-dog Kirby) loves the sounds of ducks. Dylan enjoys barking for any reason so even a robin can get a reaction from him. Keep listening to those wonderful birds as they know joy and wonder more than we do. We could take a lesson! Be happy and sing!

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