Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Yesterday’s walk brought back all kinds of memories for all of us when we chose a walk off the beaten path. I have not had the pleasure of traveling many places in my life so I had to travel with Nancy to her off the beaten paths memories. I was most intrigued about the paths in her childhood woods, so I asked her to expound upon those adventures. Apparently, the cows would traipse through the woods each day, leaving pathways for humans to walk and bike. The wood’s pathway was full of many bumps from tree roots, so one had to be careful not to go flying off of a bike. But, oh when they would spot a “jack in the pulpit” they felt they had won a prize!

As if the wood’s pathway stories were not enough, then I learned they also built tree houses in the farm woods. Well, Nancy admitted that she did not help build the tree houses, but she most definitely enjoyed the tree house. I listened intently as she reminisced about the apple wars and people hiding in the tree houses. She then assured me that she had not built a tree house in our backyard because she knew I would not be able to climb up those ladders needed for such an adventure. Couldn’t she have built me a ramp or something?! Ok, let it go, right?!

This conversation about off the beaten path adventures could be continued for another blog. I am sharing the beautiful daffodil we came across on our walk that lead to my rambling. I hope during this time of human quarantine, all of you get out and walk some of those off the beaten paths too. And, if you are unable to get outside for a walk, let your mind travel there instead to a destination that you forgot even existed!

2 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path

  1. 🌻It was fun reminiscing with you and Nancy this morning, Louie. I hope you take many more walks like this, and share them with us as well!
    My sister and I played in treehouses as kids, too. What a great memory! Enjoy the warmer days ahead! Love, Lori

  2. Very well put, Louie! Getting off the beaten path is always an adventure. My old golden,Kelly, and I had some of our best adventures when we were “lost” on a trip. The current boys, Dylan and Kirby, have both been “lost” with me many times and it’s always turned out great. We are all sort of “lost” on this current adventure but we’ll make it back to the main road I believe. Everyone – stay well and be happy.

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