April 18, 2020

April 18, 2020

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that I said I may write daily blogs? Now, here I am barely writing one blog a week?! I don’t think you are sitting on the edge of your chairs waiting for my blog post, right? If you are, well then, your life is about as exciting as mine! Even though I am a rather old dog, I still do not write about the regrets I had during my dog life so far. My regrets only consist of not being able to jump on the bed and my challenges on steps. But, I am thankful that once on the couch, I can remain there for hours.

I wonder how all of my readers are doing during this quarantined time in their homes?   People have so many coping mechanisms, don’t they?   I think many will realize that we should allow more time for reading and enjoying some leisure time without “guilt” attached.   We just found a new TV series to watch called “Virgin River” and it appears to have both a wonderful plot and beautiful scenery. Our walks will also increase now that it is warmer here in Minnesota.

Perhaps, you readers could share in the comment section of my blog website how you are surviving this quarantine time? Hmmmm…let me try to find a photo from our walks for today’s post. Hope to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “April 18, 2020

  1. We are all busy with work/school – the kids with college classes and both Stefan & I with work. So things haven’t changed too drastically except that our leisure time is now spent around the house. I’m on a 30-day decluttering challenge – having things organized makes me happy! I’m working on becoming a trained weather spotter and participating in a SkyWarn Spotter Training Webinar later this week. Stefan has been busy cooking – yesterday was homemade French bread and a smoked prime rib roast. Lucas is disc golfing, doing track workouts and playing saxophone. We all watched the One World Together concert Saturday night – it’s always fun to see/hear musicians in a more natural element without all the bells & whistles. Stefan, Aria & I have been doing puzzles and it’s interesting to see how each of our personalities come out when we work on a puzzle. Ike has been on lots of walks the past few days and we’re all hoping we’re finished with winter-like weather until next winter. Most importantly, we’re blessed to all be healthy!

  2. Now that it’s finally getting warmer out, I’ve been spending lots of time outside in the yard. In addition to that, I launched a fun little campaign with a few friends encouraging our local community to bring back the tradition of celebrating May Day! 🙂

    1. Hi Gia, I know that your campaign will make a difference for so many people. I hope Nancy will take a trip soon to see you!
      Nancy sends her love and hugs! Thanks for reading my blog. Love, Louie

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