April 8, 2020 Silence

April 8, 2020 Silence

I understand that there is a “stay at home” order for our state of Minnesota. That really eases my mind because recently Nancy received her renewed passport and passport card. For those of us that are home bodies, this order comes as a much welcome rule. I will try not to worry about why Nancy has a new passport? Many days lately, I have to remind myself that I am “Lighthearted Louie” after all! Where would she go and why didn’t I get a passport too? Hmmmm……let’s stop this train of thought right now!

Now that I know that Nancy is not leaving me soon because of her new passport, I can write without any anxiety. Some of you may be reading this and wondering why I have not continued my daily blogs like I once had determined to accomplish? Others who actually read these blogs, know that I am not the most predictable dog and certainly can’t be labeled, except for “lighthearted” Louie! I know, I am writing in circles now. I am almost starting to sound like a human and that is a disconcerting matter.

While all of you are needing to stay home right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, us dog’s lives have not changed much at all. It is a good thing that we love our owners because they are here 24/7. Many dogs are benefiting with their owners home more because it involves more walks and longer walks. My favorite walks are when we are all silent – and I think we all are enjoying this part of the coronavirus pandemic. Who needs to talk anyway? Think about it, those of you that understand us dogs are often people of few spoken words, are you? Nope, silence is a language all on it’s own, quite similar to “music is a language” according to Nancy.

So, enjoy this time of silence. Listen to yourself and you too will learn that silence is a treasured commodity. Don’t let your thoughts be silent in your heart; however, let your heart speak through the silence and surely then, you will understand this often forgotten gift.

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  1. I hope this finds you and your owners are well Louie! At our house, we are all surviving the Stay At Home order which has upended many things in our world. Ike is thrilled to have his “pack” full again and he enjoys the extra walks and attention! Silence=space for possibility and it’s important for feeling grounded. But I also enjoy having those spaces filled with conversations, music, barking, birds chirping, podcasts, and the many other sounds we get to enjoy! Stay well and enjoy your time at home, and all of the extra walks!

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