March 23, 2020 A Girl Thing!

March 23, 2020 A Girl Thing!

My new daily walks with Harmony are quite bittersweet walks. I miss Serenade so much because we had this understanding that did not need words. She would gracefully walk next to me. Harmony, well, she is so energetic and a fine walking companion, but she forgets that sometimes one likes to be silent while walking. I have noticed that she is trying to be sensitive of my grief yet of losing Serenade. Harmony strides a bit ahead of us and looks back to see if we are OK. We tell her, we will be OK, Harmony, thank you!

Harmony never could walk alone with Serenade. It was a “girl” thing. It was not as though they did not like each other, but rather, they did not understand each other. Nancy would always counsel Harmony and say it was a girl thing, not to worry. How could a human understand such dynamics between us dogs? I once asked Nancy that and she said, “don’t overthink such things” and I would let it go.

As long as I am on the subject of girls, may I simply suggest that those girls (Serenade & Harmony) were always fighting for my attention? How terribly vain of me to think such nonsense, except that I was always fine walking alone with either Serenade or Harmony. Why couldn’t they walk alone, without me? Gee, when I ask Harmony, she just shrugs and tells me to get over myself. Now, I am sounding like a human rather than a lighthearted dog! Please, just get along out there, OK!

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