March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Yesterday, it was just one of those days. Have you ever heard someone say that in your house? Yup, “it was just of those days” and of course they want you to ask what they meant by that? Then, they say, oh, it was nothing really, “just one of those days” and they walk away. I guess that technically my day was actually quite fine UNTIL the wash machine died on me again. How strange that the day could be going just fine and then, one thing can make me feel like everything is going wrong. It started out so lovely with a long walk inhaling all the spring fragrances.

According to, the expression “just one of those days” was first recorded in 1936. Since I had some time, I decided to look up what was happening during that year. Keep in mind, I am Lighthearted Louie and the more I was reading about the Great Depression of those years, I soon realized I was NOT going to research further as it would not cheer any of you up by writing about 1936. Let me say that with Nancy’s wash machine breaking down again yesterday is not a reason to say it was “just one of those days” for it was just a washing machine. In conclusion, it was not “just one of those days” after all. HA!

Since I am planning to write daily blogs for now, I wanted to post a few reminders. If you add comments on my blog, your e-mail address and location are kept confidential my the blog manager. I want to thank her niece Alicia S. for helping her set-up this Word Press sight and for Andy E. for hosting my website. Thank you Alicia and Andy! I hope you too get a chuckle out of some of my blogs!? I would not be able to keep this blog going without you.

2 thoughts on “March 22, 2010

  1. Nice pictures – looks like they are not having “one of those days.” These days every day could be “one of those days” if we let it, but the more I am restricted the more I really value the freedom we all had and will have again, I am confident. Some things you just don’t appreciate until it’s “one of those days” or the “days we are having now.” Patience and hope are what I am counting on to go forward so let’s pretend that it’s true.

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