March 21, 2020

March 21, 2020

So, here it is day two of my daily blog mission and I suppose y’all are  wondering what I will write about?  I will address the topic of sleeping 😴 through the night without any interruptions.  Why you may ask? Because I just got up to do my duties outside and “boom” it popped into my head – ah, write of such mundane routines! How many of my readers get up at least once a night for some reason?

We all have our reasons for a disruptive sleep occasionally. As a rule, I sleep through the night and so does Nancy. On those rare occasions that I wake Nancy to go outside however, sometimes it causes her to stay up and write. (No, she won’t write my blogs for me since she says I need something to do!) When one can not fall back asleep again, it certainly is cause for anxiety to surface.

I need to remind you humans that when anxiety surfaces, you need to stomp it back down. Hopefully, you are all sleeping well these days? I would not want any of you to lose sleep right now or ever. I hope you are all functioning reasonably well through this serious coronavirus crisis in the world. Us dogs don’t notice it, but we see all the concerns on the news. So, get your sleep and let us dogs out when we need to do our duties!

The photo I chose is from the sunrise this morning, just after I slept a few more hours. 😉

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