Starting Daily Blogs!

Starting Daily Blogs!

While I realize I tend to write my blog once a week, I was a bit perplexed when Nancy asked me if I would consider writing my blog daily during this crisis time in the world?! First of all, I may be lighthearted, but I don’t feel I have enough material to write daily. Quite frankly, I have enough trouble conjuring up subjects to write about weekly? Even though the coronavirus has not affected us dogs much yet, I do notice my owners are home ALL the time.

Tonight, I am listening to Alexandre Desplat’s “Postcards” as I type this. I may not have traveled much in my life, but this music takes me on another journey. I must say, I would not be sending “Postcards” however, because I would be exploring all the intricate corners to explore on my travels. Titles of music certainly give us hints of where the composer’s mind was traveling when they write their adventure, don’t they?! I suppose I am going to be listening to many more French composers these next months with Nancy more often. It’s OK, so far, I don’t hear much saxophone 😉

Some of Nancy’s compositions have interesting titles. A few are “Strolling” and “After Affects” to name only a few. Most of them still say “Untitled” and when I ask why, she is evasive with her answer, leaving me to think that the listener is left to come up with their own title. Perhaps that gives the listener more freedom to travel to their true destination when the music does not suggest a title?! OK, I am going back to napping now and traveling into that world. Until tomorrow then!

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