Missing Serenade!

Missing Serenade!

Today, I was able to go on a long walk since the ice has finally melted.  It was a bittersweet walk because Serenade is no longer with us. Oh, I miss her so much! Now, I need to be strong for my owners! Serenade and I discussed it often about being great therapy dogs for our humans.  Did you know that I once earned my Canine Good Citizenship Award? Yup, I was on my journey to becoming an official “Therapy Dog” until Allegro (a former poodle resident at this home) was diagnosed with cancer. But, today’s blog is not about me; but rather, it is about life around here without our Princess Serenade. She really was the “salt of the earth” type of dog and so full of grace!

Whatever you do, don’t wait until your loved ones are gone to realize how extraordinary they are?! I am thankful that Serenade knew that she was so loved. Maybe that is why Serenade was so secure in who she was on this earth; she never vacillated between being loved or not. I guess I don’t either. Life is pretty good at this house, except that we all miss Serenade.

Now, after a bath today and half of my grooming done, I lay in Nancy’s arms even while I type this. I will not try to escape her snuggling so soon tonight, because time passes before us so fast. So, go snuggle with your loved ones. That is what Serenade would have wanted me to tell you.

One thought on “Missing Serenade!

  1. Louie-
    As I read this now, with coronavirus impacts increasing daily, it makes me even more mindful of your advice: “don’t wait until your loved ones are gone to realize how extraordinary they are.” I texted my mom just this morning to check in and share that very sentiment. One never knows. On a lighter note, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying our spring-like weather! My friends and family keep telling me that I shouldn’t get to giddy, that this is just “fake spring” but I remind them to just enjoy the weather we have each day and not worry about what the weather will be like tomorrow, next week, or next month, much like your advice to us. Maybe I’ve been reading your blog long enough that I’m now using your words 😉 I hope that each day is getting better in recovering from the loss of your beautiful Serenade and that all of our days will be filled with increasing bird sounds, warm sunshine, and days outside that makes us say “ahhhh”!

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