Saying Good-Bye to Serenade

Saying Good-Bye to Serenade

It has been an extremely difficult week at our house since we had to say good-bye to Serenade. Serenade came to live with us after her show dog and breeding career was complete. We immediately clicked and if you can believe this, we never had a fight. I think we never felt threatened by each other because we were confident in who we both are. Serenade’s composure was that of grace and a calmness that seemed to bring peace around anyone that had the pleasure of meeting her. I soon realized that Serenade’s delicate and graceful presence would only compliment my energized poodle approach to life. So, we never had to set boundaries between the two of us, because we did not need them.

Serenade’s spirit and elegance left people in awe. She did not have to act or perform as a Princess because she was a natural Princess. I would like to say that I hope some of her graceful, sweet character helped me be a better dog? I remember how often I was being silly (ah remember, I am Lighthearted Louie) and Serenade would just squint her eyes as if to say, “oh Louie, you are too funny!” and then her eyes would twinkle.

Contrary to what some may think, Harmony and Serenade had sorted out their differences quite long ago. Upon her arrival here, Harmony was constantly seeking out Serenade’s friendship. But, all Serenade strived to accomplish was to demonstrate to Harmony how to simply be herself and not try to imitate Serenade’s character. I think Nancy’s letter to some after Serenade passed said it perfectly; “Serenade was not about being in the spotlight and that is exactly why we loved her so much.   She did not need anyone to tell her how pretty and special she was because she was confident in herself and her  humble missions.”

Seriously, I too could write a book about how much I loved Serenade; but, I am simply exhausted from losing her. I also am quite old and I hope that my time left on this earth will shed the happiness, joy and love that Serenade trained me so well to continue. I will now try to share a few special photos of our precious Serenade whose memories will live on forever. Serenade, we all loved you so much and our hearts are breaking.

6 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Serenade

  1. Although I never met her, Serenade exuded her serenity and calm through every picture I saw. I am sorry to hear you are grieving her loss. She brought peace and beauty to everyone.

  2. I’m so very sorry for your loss – Serenade was a dog with such personality and verve as can be seen in these beautiful pictures. There is nothing better than sharing your life with someone that unconditionally loves you always, and accepts even your silliest self with grace. I hope that, with time, the sadness that comes from such a profound loss will dissipate and all that remains are happy memories that make you smile. Thinking of you all in the days and weeks ahead.

    1. Thanks, Dana! You always have such kindness and wisdom in your responses to my blog. I appreciate you immensely!

  3. I am so sorry about Serenade, but you all remember her so eloquently. It breaks my heart to look at the pictures because she reminds me so much of my beloved Ben. Ben left me in 2015 but I miss him all the time even now. The memories we have of them will live forever in our hearts and they have touched our lives so beautifully. We are so lucky to have known them.

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