It is the Little Things!

It is the Little Things!

It is a great day so far! We all have been outside and I was even dancing around in the lovely snowfall! I heard Nancy exclaim that I still had that puppy energy in me. That gave me confidence to not give up on this dog life yet. You know, can I give you some humans some advice from this old dog? Just like some kind words of encouragement from Nancy today, you too should not forget to give your friends and pets words of inspiration as well!

Sometimes, we think people are not noticing those little things we do, but we all need to open our eyes more. This past week, Nancy is starting to groom all three of us. For each of us, she sits and looks deep into our eyes and she assures us that she so loves us. You guessed it, and we show her too how much we love her. It all comes down to those little things, doesn’t it?!

Then, there was this “little thing” too this morning; Harmony took her turn with laying next to both Serenade and myself. She has been our apprentice in this home for several years now and we love how she lets us share our life’s perspectives about life in this world. Of course, we too learn from Harmony about the reminders to keep life, lighthearted!

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