Remembering Bella

Remembering Bella

I met Bella a few times and I instantly loved her! She was full of charm and grace! Bella’s exuberance was contagious. It was evident that her owners Julie and Tony were so devoted to her. Their faces were adorned with huge smiles whenever Bella visited the farm with them. It was not just her perky smile, but her ability to listen to humans that caused everyone to take notice of her. I think Bella and I clicked because we shared such compassion for our human owners.

I decided to contact Julie and Tony for some stories and photos to recapture the life of my pretty friend, Bella. For starters, they often went on long walks with Bella and since Tony lived near his childhood farm, they would stroll through the woods to arrive at the farm for fun and laughter. Bella made everyone feel happy! (Just look at the photos of her included in my blog.) Tony said, “Even non-dog lovers would see Bella and instantly love her!”  Once when Tony was in the hospital, Julie took Bella to see him and she explained “…….and as soon as we got off of the elevator, she pulled me right into his room and jumped up on his bed!  It was so precious!”  I was not surprised to learn that Bella would wait by the window for Tony’s return from work. I do that all the time for Nancy; it is just common if a dog likes their owners!

As I write about this special dog, Bella, I am sad that I never have devoted a blog to her while she was still alive! I guess I may be guilty of being a bit self-absorbed at times, ah yup, just like you humans. Actually, I don’t think Bella was stuck on herself at all.  Nancy claims that Bella was always making everyone feel lighthearted. Her blog would have been “Buoyant, Bouncy Bella’s Blog!  Oh Bella, we love you and will miss you!

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  1. I am sad for Bella’s human companions because losing a dog is very hard and you are never ready, even if you think you are. Louie, you are right, because just looking at Bella makes you smile and feel joyful. Most of the time you dogs do that for us humans and we have to try to remember that it’s not ALWAYS all about us. We don’t seem to be catching on to that very well though. You keep reminding us of that, OK?
    Happy New Year to you and Nancy and Greg and any other furry creatures in the house. Kirby and Dylan wish you the best also.

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