Happy Birthday, Harmony!

Happy Birthday, Harmony!

Today, it has been all about Harmony. It is not like it isn’t about her so much each day; but, today it is her 4th birthday. She is gloating about her endless energy and I was informed by Nancy that I should humor her this very day (as if I don’t already humor her?!). You won’t believe what her birthday gift was from Nancy! She brushed Harmony for a long time – that is really a lame gift, don’t you think?! I mean shouldn’t she be giving her a new toy or something that she could share with the rest of us?

It got me thinking about how this little sister of mine has had to share our toys since her arrival. Never once have I heard her complain about the “hand -me- downs” from balls to other toys. It did not take long before I had a new respect and appreciation for this this spirited and jubilant Harmony. In the past, I had not given it much thought about how much attention us old folgies were taking away from her? I was so glad that I realized this new love and appreciation for Harmony, though sad I discovered it a bit late in my life.

Though I am much older than Harmony, I am so fortunate that my wisdom kicked in to learn from her wit and grace. I am not certain if she has learned much from me, but I will remember her 4th birthday forever. Happy Birthday, Harmony! Your previous owner, Jill L. knew so well that you would bring so much “Harmony” into our home.

P.S. Have no fear, I will try to get my Christmas blog done before Christmas too!

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