Just Show Up!

Just Show Up!

Recently, I was feeling a bit blue that I am getting so old until Nancy read to me an inspirational message. The title of it was “The Beautiful Magic of Just Showing Up” written by Robin Dance. I did not even realize that was “a thing” in the human existence simply to just show up? Because, in my dog life, I am always here! Yup, I am always here and I show up because I live here. I show up because where would I go to get away anyway? (Not that I would want to change the convenient arrangement that I have at his home!)

Oh wait, I suppose it also means that I also “show up” mentally and not just plop on the couch and sleep. Could this be? Sometimes, I don’t even know how to think like a dog anymore because my owners have domesticated me so much. My main mission is to love my humans, is it not? Hey, maybe that was written by a dog……to just show up. There I go again, overthinking and that is never good.

I think another mission here on earth is to teach humans to not overthink. Now, I must get back into dog character and do my job. Actually, I am quite certain that my “Dog Manual for Living With Humans” warns us many times to just be there for them! This is such a relief to me because now, I know I don’t have to think of a Christmas gift for them! I will just do “The Beautiful Magic of Just Showing Up!” and continue to be there for them.

2 thoughts on “Just Show Up!

  1. Louie-
    First, I just love this photo of you! I can just imagine how the wind was blowing when this picture was taken. Your post was such a good message to read right before Christmas. As we’re busy trying to get everything prepared for the moments we spend with our loved ones, it’s important to remember to “show up” and be present in all of our conversations and gatherings, especially in these most hectic days right before Christmas. I hope you were able to get out and walk in this winter weather before the next cold front rolls in. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas from Ike & his family!

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