Almost Thanksgiving?!

Almost Thanksgiving?!

Even though I am “just a dog” it does not mean that I don’t get emotional! As I start this blog, I have just been released from Nancy’s embrace. Of course, she explained her gratitude for my Louie blogs. But then, she went on with an embarrassing gushing explanation about my attributes. Seriously, I was like, are you done yet?

Thanksgiving is approaching, so I will excuse her outbursts of emotions to be even more than normal. As I was pleading with her to stop so that I could just write as a dog would write, she said, “Oh, but Louie, you are not just a dog, have you forgotten?” I seriously worry about her sometimes! Here I simply try to keep you humans lighthearted in your approach to life. She should quit interfering with my writing, don’t you think? I will have to write my blogs when she is out of the house in the future.

Now, let me share some of my moments of gratitude. Wait, I think I will save my list of gratitudes for next week (Thanksgiving)? While you wait, you can think of what you are most thankful this year. Besides, I need to write my real Thanksgiving blog while Nancy is not at home. For now, I think I will take another nap and avoid thinking. P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate her (most of the time).

3 thoughts on “Almost Thanksgiving?!

  1. Love the picture Louie! I am very much looking forward to your list of gratitudes next week. Ike & I need to start pondering the same – our list will be long as we have so much to be grateful for. It’s always good to start anything well in advance of the holiday, right? At least that’s what I tell myself 😉

  2. Louie – you look so comfy taking your nap it makes me want to go to bed, but it’s time anyway for today. I am most thankful for the chance to live with my two boys (Dylan and Kirby) and for people like Nancy who loves you dogs and takes such good care of you! I am getting a new little golden retriever baby to take care of in a couple of days so that will change things around here I don’t know how my big boys will like him but he will keep us from getting too comfortable and complacent around here (for sure!).Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t forget to give a special thought to your wonderful Nancy. You’ve got it pretty darn good over there! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you can just cook and eat and be grateful – you don’t need to buy presents or decorate or play carols! I LOVE Christmas too though and Thanksgiving officially starts that season. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL AT YOUR HOUSE! Be happy and be grateful.

    1. Oh my……a new puppy – how exciting! More than once, I have heard Nancy talk about her favorite dogs. It is always standard poodles (duh, of course, right!) and golden retrievers. She could never have Goldens because she is allergic to dogs. Can I come over and meet you and your dogs (and puppy) soon?! Happy Thanksgiving Mary, Dylan, Kirby and ?

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