November 9, 2019: Football

November 9, 2019: Football

Who would ever think that I would write about upcoming football games? On a typical Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings are playing, you will find Greg immersed in the game. Whereas, Nancy is as far away as possible with even the mention of football. Perhaps it is because when she grew up between all those brothers, they never included her in those after meal football games. She assured me that she would have laughed in their faces had they even invited her to join them. So, why am I still writing to you about football games?

This weekend, I understand there is an important University of Minnesota football game that Greg’s family wants to watch somewhere. It is a good thing that Nancy likes his family, because she will usually do anything to avoid football! She even bought this U of Mn. towel to help psyche herself up for the game. Wait, she just told me she actually bought the towel to hide her phone so she could play solitaire while the game is playing. She might watch the Marching Band if they play at half-time?

Then, on Sunday evening the Minnesota Vikings will play the Dallas Cowboys. You may be asking why in the world would Louie know about that football game too? Well, I just thought I would continue to bore you with this blog on football and then, drop the subject for good. I understand that my lack of interest in football may be from my lack of knowledge of the game? Like humans, when we are clueless about something, we can tend to dismiss it as boring.

Of course, the subject of boring around here is to be left for another blog. I like what Gayatri Devi says about boredom: “Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It’s the last privilege of a free mind.” Finally, what Nancy always says is, “We may be boring, but I choose to say we are content!” Yup……to be saved for another blog. Maybe today, I will learn that football is not so boring?

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