Snoring! November 1, 2019

Snoring! November 1, 2019

I might as well tell you right away that I am rather clueless when it comes to human or dog snoring. Once in awhile us dogs may mutter cute little sounds, but none of us poodles at this house actually SNORE. Unfortunately, that is not the case with our humans at this house. While I could research how to help my humans stop snoring, I won’t because it doesn’t really affect our quality of life around here if they snore!

Last night was an unusual night at our house. For the first time ever, Nancy moved to the couch to sleep because of Greg’s snoring. It is rare that she even wakes up during the night. But, after over two hours of reading and tossing around, she finally moved. This was quite an upgrade for us poodles! You see, we all can fit on the “L” shaped couch so no one is left on the floor. Once we decided who would sleep next to Nancy, she zonked out immediately.

Our “L” shaped couch

Even though we were rested up, we did not have any “trick or treaters” to welcome on Halloween. It is not like we are scary or anything, right?! Ah, I suppose people thought at this house they would only get “dog” treats! Well, very little did they know that they would have received both tricks and treats and now, they will never know… hoo!

5 thoughts on “Snoring! November 1, 2019

  1. Hi Louie-
    I had to chuckle as I read this post because, in our house, Ike is probably one of the worst for snoring, although I think we’re all guilty of having snored a time or two. Our house (and Ike!) was busy this Halloween with the doorbell regularly ringing. We delivered treats to about 35 kids, 2 adults, and a number of dogs, although we didn’t make anyone do “tricks” for treats! Now that it’s November, we are seeing wild turkeys regularly wandering through our yard, which never seems to happen until November. It seems rather odd to us, given our usual cuisine for Thanksgiving dinner. Wishing you fun days playing in the leaves and peaceful, restful nights!

    1. Hello Dana and Ike! As always, I always enjoy reading about the life Ike has with your wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving month to you and your family! Louie

  2. Wish I had been at your place, Louie! We didn’t have any kids here either and we were already on our second batch of candy, having already eaten the first batch. (That’s what happens when you buy too early!). This time we bought stuff we didn’t really like that much but that might not work. We are starting to like it! No kids for the boys to bark at so we’ll have to wait until later for company. We are having a big birthday party next Saturday for all the November birthdays in our family (there are about 10). It will be fun for us dogs and we are looking forward to a lot of attention and excitement. We don’t get 20 guests that often and our house is pretty small, so we’ll have a fun time entertaining all our guests. Happy Halloween to everyone! Let the holiday season start now – we are ready!

    1. Good Morning, Louie,
      I hope, your past night was delightful without anybody snoring! Thank you for the beautiful picture of you and your beloved buddies on the couch. Since I do not remember the “who is who”, would you do me the favor to introduce the names of your buddies and where they have their places on the cuddly couch, please.
      Sending you hugs (Umärmel) and strokes through your fur!
      Dorothee from Germany

      1. Good Morning! Thanks to both Dorothee and Mary for your comments. I think we all got an “extra” hour of sleep last night because of the disrupted night of snoring this past week!? ****chuckles from me, Louie

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