Halloween Approaching!

Halloween Approaching!

Mice and mice and mice, oh my! Seriously, I am a dog and we don’t catch mice, so now what? I never thought I would witness Nancy taking care of mice in mouse traps; but, one should never say never. Wasn’t it just my last blog that I was telling you about the opossum in the back yard? I think I read that they eat mice, so I guess the opossum is tired of that diet huh?!

It isn’t like it is the first time we have seen mice in this house. We all thought that we had plugged up the possible hole entrances. I suppose the word got out that only humans and dogs live in this house and no cats. Nope, we are not going to hunt mice – that definitely is not in the dog rules for this house. Wait, are there any dog rules for this house? Shhhhh…..

If you come to our house this week for Halloween, don’t worry that we will give you a dead mouse! We only give out treats, not tricks. Actually, I don’t even remember the last time we had “trick or treaters” come to our house. Even if it is Halloween week, it would be creepy to include a photo of the mice we caught. I think those “monster cookies” Nancy made a few weeks should have been saved for Halloween week. But, she already either ate all of them or gave them away.

I hope your week if full of a lot of TREATS and no tricks!

3 thoughts on “Halloween Approaching!

  1. Happy Halloween Louie! You look great in this picture with the festive fall background! I hope you also get lots of treats this week. In our neighborhood, not only the kids get treats, but also the dogs (dog treats, of course) and the adults! Hoping your house is soon mouse-free!

  2. Yes! I love your new picture, too!
    Happy Halloween, Louie!

    PS maybe get an indoor- outdoor cat! Cat’s do help with your “problem” and you can play with it hehehe… a white cat will sure do the “trick” not a black one of any kind. Have a good fall and winter!
    Missing Nancy on FB! Xoxo

  3. We have mice too Louie. Dylan and Kirby go every day to check on the traps in the porch and on the deck. None for a couple of weeks so all is good. We are fresh out of cats (have been for a few years now) but the mouse situation was a lot better when we had a couple (cats, that is). Dogs like to chase mice but I don’t think they catch them very often. Hope all your Halloween surprises are treats and NOT tricks! We don’t get kids at our door either, but Dylan and Kirby would love it if we did. Give them something to bark at, right? Love the pictures of you – you are as beautiful (or handsome) as ever!

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