Awesome Opossum & Self-assured Sadie

Awesome Opossum & Self-assured Sadie

We have had some excitement in our home this week after sighting perhaps an opossum twice this week in the backyard. The first sighting was Wednesday at 4:00 AM as it ran inside our fenced in backyard. Next, it was sitting under our bird feeder right next to the house.

So, of course, I started researching opossums. The good news is that they don’t appear to be dangerous. In fact, I read on the internet that “possums pretend to be dead whenever they perceive a threat.” I may not have tried “playing possum” but, I learned something about you humans while researching opossums! Nancy said while she was in France studying saxophone, it was advantageous at times to not be fluent in French. When incapable to find the correct words in French, she could remain quiet. She claims it was her form of “playing possum” when needed. How about you, do you ever “play possum” in your life?

Just now, we had the pleasure of having a visitor for the morning. Her name is Sadie. Sadie caused far more excitement than than the opossum visitor. Even though we knew we were going to have another dog here today, we had never met Sadie, so we all had our “guard up” and were ready. No, we are not guard dogs, but come on, you know the human expression “guard up” right?! Anyhow, Sadie is really a sweet dog and we are so happy to have her here. We have already let our guard down and we are all chillin’ with classical music playing.

Enjoy our favorite time of year! Go swish through some leaves and soak in the beauty all around you.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Opossum & Self-assured Sadie

  1. Louie-
    I share your love of the beautiful fall weather and you can’t beat the gorgeous beauty of nature with the changing leaves in the fall! I visited my parents this weekend and was treated to the beauty of peak leaf color just south of the Twin Cities, in addition, of course, to the joy of spending time with my family! It has been a very busy week here too, but you’ve had a lot more excitement. How lucky to get a picture of the opossum, and it’s always fun to have visitors – I’m glad you enjoyed your time with Sadie!

    1. Hello Dana (and Ike)! I am wondering if Ike was able to make the trip to visit your parents? We have not seen the opossum lately, but we are certainly watching for him. Have a terrific week! Louie

  2. Hi Louie!
    It was a beautiful day in Ohio today. Love the fall weather, too. Sadie is a cutie, like you! Must say, I’m not fond of opossums at all though! I thought you were going to say it got inside. I’m glad that didn’t happen!…might have been fun for you though!
    All the best!
    Have a good night,
    Lori 💖

    1. Hi Lori, Thanks for reading my blogs! The opossum did not appear last night, probably because there was so much noise all day with the backpack blower to blow leaves into the woods. I am 3/4 done being groomed – just my paws are left, the part that I very much dislike. It is not as nice as what you humans call “pedicures” and I have to have my toenails ground down too. Hope you enjoy the beautiful Ohio fall season and oh, your football games. Have a great week! Louie

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