Distractions: October 15, 2019

Distractions: October 15, 2019

I just love this fall season, especially after days of constant rain. The rain pitter-patters and I just sit on the couch and drift in and out of dreamland. Once the rain stops and the sun magically reappears, we go on relaxing walks. The crispness in the air excuses Nancy from her lack of grooming us lately because we need the extra blanket of warmth soon. However, rumor is that we are getting groomed this coming week, so I better finish my blog.

You may wonder why being groomed would prevent me from writing a blog? Well, even if you don’t wonder, please let me vent now. For starters, it takes Nancy days to brush out our current long coats. Sure, she tries to brush us weekly, but, you know, LIFE HAPPENS! Then, we have to drive all the way to the Vet’s grooming facility to be bathed. Gee, why can’t our owners have a designated grooming area in this house?

Excuse me, there I am slipping into that human mode of “comparing” our circumstances to others….sorry, let me get back on track here. I don’t write during this time because my train of thought is constantly interrupted with this or that. Take for instance, when I try to type my blog and have to tolerate the metronome ticking while Nancy practices her saxophone? Shouldn’t there be a rule that she wears those ear-buds or something? Ok, here it goes, I am tired of all these distractions and I am just going to send my blog as it is.

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