Hilarious Harmony as My Guest

Hilarious Harmony as My Guest

On this peaceful Friday night, I have persuaded Harmony to write since I have been so preoccupied. For some silly reason, Nancy convinced me to try to write some children’s books. Thinking about what children want to read is not as easy as it sounds – have you ever tried it? I don’t have the pleasure of being around many children so my writing is going rather slow.

Hello! I am considered Hilarious Harmony and I have the pleasure of living with Louie, Serenade, Greg and Nancy. Humor is, after all, the best way to survive life at this house and while Louie won’t tell you what it is really like to live here – I will! I mean, how many humans really listen to their dogs anyway, like our owners do? Our conversations can be rather complex at times, but mostly, they have us canine members just using our sense of humor to humor them to think we really listen. I am not quite the thinker that Louie is, nor the elegant Princess that Serenade is. Nope, I am the one that wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. I don’t analyze you humans and I certainly don’t tell Louie what to write about on “his” blog.

What I do best, according to my humans, is make people laugh. I can do all kinds of aerobatics when playing fetch and I can act amused when my humans are totally clueless. Oh, they think I am loving every minute with them, when really, I am just waiting for them to leave for a few hours to rest in peace or have real DOG conversations. Please, don’t misinterpret me, I love my housemates; but, perhaps it is my young age that does not have me contemplating life like Louie does.

One thought on “Hilarious Harmony as My Guest

  1. Louie & Serenade-
    Humor as a mechanism for coping with life’s up’s and down’s is seriously underrated! I recently read an article in the paper about a woman who teaches a class on using humor to cope with grief, which was all fine and great, until she found herself in her students’ shoes when her husband, in his mid-50’s, died unexpectedly of a massive heart-attack. She realized how difficult the task was that she was giving her students and I think that’s the thing with humor. It sounds great, but in the stress of the moment, that’s probably when we’re most likely to think to use it as a coping mechanism. Anyway, it’s always good to be surrounded by humorous people and animals 🙂 as a reminder to use it more and not underestimate its healing power!

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