Music, is Enough!

Music, is Enough!

I sit around and then, I sit around again. Yes, it is almost as if I have to remind myself how to unwind or something like that? But then, I hear the strokes of a cello and all of my limbs relax. Those sounds are even better than any human massage I have had from my owners. Imagine how relaxed I would be if I could nudge my owners to play such beautiful cello music when they brush or massage me? It is not like I don’t hear music at my home, but oh, that cello – it takes me somewhere else!

Music is such a gift that humans create. When I hear Nancy play saxophone or bassoon, I feel I am able to get a glimpse of her that she does not show many people, if any. She tells me so much more in just one note than any of that human jibberish language. It makes me realize why she really should not talk the human language, because she is far better at the musical language.

Maybe this is why I write this blog? To remind all of you that many humans have pets because the human language is not understood by so many. The heart can not always translate how us dogs think or feel and often, nor can humans! So, when I hear that cello excerpt that Nancy is listening to – we both sigh, and that is ENOUGH! I am so glad I don’t have to force conversation with Nancy, when words just do not do.

4 thoughts on “Music, is Enough!

    1. Hi Lori, I am so glad that you enjoy my blog. I know that Nancy really enjoys your lovely e-mails and often reads them to me. May your days continue to be full of blessings! Love, Louie

  1. Louie-
    Indeed! With human language, think of how much humans can’t understand of what other humans say (or sign) because they cannot understand that language or dialect? Or even if it is the same language, there are such regional differences in word usage that it can take time to pick up on those nuances. The famous quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a wise poet that wrote “Music is the universal language of mankind” is something that still sticks with me today because it so resonated with how I’ve always felt. Humans from different countries that may not understand each other’s words but understand the language of music and movement can play together in an ensemble. Think back to Native Americans communicating through drumming rituals. There’s much in our human history that would suggest music is a far better way of communicating than words and may be one of the few things that truly unites all humans.

    1. Gee Dana, I sure hope to meet you and Ike soon! You give me and the readers of my blog such great insight all the time. Yes, the Longfellow quote does sum up what I was stumbling to say in this last blog, so thank you for sharing it. Keep enjoying those walks and talks with Ike! Louie

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