Don’t Be Proud!

Don’t Be Proud!

Recently, I was thinking about all of my dog years and I came to one conclusion. If I dwell upon my own accomplishments in my dog life, I fail miserably. For example, if I hear or read about other dogs who have all those awards and offspring, I can get a bit gloomy. But, if I focus on my main goal here, to simply make other people and dogs smile, I rest in peace at night.

Both of my siblings accomplished so much more than me in the eyes of humans. From being show dog champions to producing beautiful offspring, their lives are amazing! But, do you know that they NEVER brag about it to me or remind me of my lack of ribbons and awards?! Therefore, I came to the conclusion that “pride” is just a human condition, not a dog thing? Hmmm….maybe not, because if we did not think about pride, why am I even writing a blog about pride? I know, to remind you all to step back and lighten up about yourselves already!

We all need to focus on helping others, rather than, focusing on ourselves. The minute I think about what I can do for myself instead of for others, I stumble. Even as a dog, I have more pride than I ever want to admit. You don’t see me prancing around when I am not brushed out, do you? But, the minute Nancy grooms me, oh, I strut my stuff around, acting all proud, when I have nothing to do with my beauty. Ah yes, there you go, I am proud too!

 P.S.  I guess I did get my “Canine Good Citizen Award” when I was younger!

One thought on “Don’t Be Proud!

  1. Oh Louie, I just love your puppy pictures! And, of course, you’ve grown into such a handsome dog 🙂 I enjoyed reading your writing about focusing on yourself and what you can accomplish rather than comparing yourself to others. There is so much good to be done in the world and so many that need help, and that’s a place where no comparisons are necessary! I’m glad you figured that out and are setting out to change the world, even if in small ways. The consistent ripples, over time, have as much of an effect as the occasional waves. Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the last breaths of summer!

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