Let’s Stay Home Today!

Let’s Stay Home Today!

After hearing about Nancy’s afternoon, I was glad that I was not on that trip. You already know that she is extremely protective, right? I never get to go in the car unless I can be seen at all times. But, today was a good day to stay home. So, do you want to hear all about it? (And now, you are thinking, well, I think he is going to tell us about it even if we say NO?!)

It all started out when Nancy said she would do her errands at a few stores, rather than mow the lawn. I think I even asked her if she had a list so she would not forget anything. She was not gone long when the word traveled fast about her mishap. She said she came out of a store and noticed her car lights were on. So, prior to her Trader Joe’s visit, she went to turn the car lights off to discover the car running and her keys locked inside. Who does that? Apparently, my owner does when she rushes out of the car to rescue a cart right in the middle of the car path for an another couple. What kind of excuse is that anyway?

Here it is the next day already and a new beacon of hope awaits me. For starters, I know on that trip of errands yesterday, Nancy bought a 5 gallon tank of gas. That means, lawn mowing will happen early this morning, along with a lot of time for me outside with her and Harmony. I think I will put my “paw down” today and make Nancy stay home ALL day!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Home Today!

  1. Yay for lawn mowing and time outdoors! But Louie, be glad you weren’t in the car while the keys were in there and the car was running! Hope you were able to enjoy the wonderful weather this past week as it looks like were in for a little rain this week. Love the picture!

    1. Oh my Dana……I had to go back and read my own blog because I thought I mentioned how relieved I was that I was not left in that locked car?? See what old age is doing to this dog and its owner?! I probably did not want to discourage Nancy from taking me on a future trip? I think I won’t write a blog this week…too tired! Louie

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