September 2, 2019: Love & Forgive Often!

September 2, 2019: Love & Forgive Often!


In case you are interested, I am not quite certain if I will write a book for all humans or just children’s books. According to my owner, she feels that the hearts of children are more prone to accept a writing done by a dog, rather than an adult. My time on earth is a bit limited since I am almost 13 and my sole purpose in writing anything is to encourage you humans to just “chill and relax” far more. Even as I type this, I hear a Michael W. Smith song titled “Forgive” playing during this early morning hour of 1:40 AM and it reminds me of why I write my blogs. I write simply to remind you of the simple joys in life. Forgive often and never stop forgiving.

I don’t think I speak from my heart enough? On the outside, I appear to be a dog of such confidence and poise, but inside, even I worry. What do I worry about when I worry? Well, for starters, I don’t really like the pressure that my owners love me so much because, how can I ever say good-bye when I feel I must leave this earth? To love someone is so worth it. I don’t regret ever coming from Canada to live with them. It was definitely a good match. So, love and forgive often.

Are you starting to think what happened to the carefree lighthearted Louie? Well, I am first and foremost a dog commissioned to be a therapy dog for this family long ago. They did not know that they needed me, but, oh, I soon discovered, they needed me. Ok, so there was some codependence going on here, but, that is OK, right? People, you humans, you need each other as much as us dogs need you!!! Please LOVE, please FORGIVE!

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