I had no idea when I left Toronto years ago that my dual citizenship would come in so handy years later.  Afterall, I was just a puppy without a clue, that my new home would be a home that needed me more than anyone could imagine.  But, here I am, in America, Minnesota to be exact and after writing my blog for years feeling a need to finally try and set all of you humans on the right path.  I have earned this right to speak so boldly because I have witnessed so very much in my twelve years on this earth, with humans.

So, you ask, how did I ever end up in Minnesota after being born in Toronto? I did not have a lot of choice because I was promised to my owner’s breeder through my Canadian breeder – you know, all that breeder stuff that to me never seemed to make sense.    I remember as if  it was just yesterday, the day I saw one of my owners arrive at my Toronto home.  I just could not stop myself and I pushed through my siblings to greet her. I did not worry if she would like me or want me, I just knew that we were meant to be together.  OK, so it was what you humans call “love at first sight!” or something like that.

It all happened so very fast.  One minute I was eating with my litter mates and the next, I was on a plane to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I memorized my owner’s heart beat during that plane ride.  Now, it is almost daily that I am cuddled at least five minutes a day to more or less remind me of that first plane ride.  It is totally like recharging my battery.   Heart beats…..who knew how they could connect so many people!

I am not really sure that my new siblings in Minnesota appreciated me, but immediately they were informed that I was “non-returnable” and that I would be a long time resident.  At first, they treated me like I was a pest, but soon, they began to welcome my energy and what do you call it…ah yes, SPUNK.  You will soon learn that I am a dog who speaks his mind, whether you humans like it or not.

To be continued???? Or not???

2 thoughts on “Contemplating

  1. Such a sweet baby picture Louie! I’m so glad that you ended up in the home you did and are needed as much as our Ike also feels needed to keep us on the right track. We have constant reminders to not let technology influence our together time! When we’re on walks, he reminds us with insistent barking and biting at our phones if we happen to pull them out to respond to a text. And if he even hears a “ping”, he looks right at us, as if to say “I dare you to pull that out and look at it!” It’s a good reminder to enjoy the present, the beauty of nature, and the people we choose to surround us.

    1. Ah Dana! Thanks for the wonderful comments. I finally convinced Nancy to deactivate facebook, so now, she has no social media at all. I think she is also not on her phone much these days either. Yup, you don’t see us dogs wrapped up in all of the worldly ways and we love to remind you humans to just “leave it” as you taught us in those early dog training classes. Hope to see you and Ike sometime. Thanks again for reading my blogs. Louie

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