Serenade’s Sunday Adventures

Serenade’s Sunday Adventures

What should I write about when I have nothing? When my owners are away, they don’t share much upon their return. Blame it on them or blame it on your human life; but I say, as usual, let it go. Sometimes even my life is quite mundane over at this home. We prefer to say that boring can be OK!

On this past Sunday, my sister Serenade was chosen to go with my owners on a trip up north. I should also mention that Serenade also went on a trip earlier the same day to visit her lovely breeder. Before I knew it, they were leaving saying, “don’t worry, we will be back soon” which left me wondering if that would be 5 minutes or 5 hours? Upon their return, I asked Serenade what she did up north? Her reply was “oh, it was quite interesting; there was a lot of human visiting, bird watching, smelled a lot of new flowers, and I listened to humans visit on the outside deck. All I heard was blah, blah, blah….you know Louie, the same stuff as at home.”

So Serenade and I decided that life is just wonderful as long as we are with our owners. It is a bonus when we are taken on outside adventures from our home residence; but ultimately, we always enjoy our return home.

2 thoughts on “Serenade’s Sunday Adventures

  1. We ALL are always glad to be “back home” even if we are only gone for a little while. Adventures are great but home is even better. LOVE the picture of Serenade – it makes me quite sad as she looks so much like my beloved Ben (a beautiful blue) who sadly went to the Rainbow bridge 4 years ago on August 20th. He was 13 and I still miss him even though the other two at our house keep me laughing and very busy! Who could get by without dogs in their life? For sure, not me!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for reading my blog and your comments. I am quite certain my owners don’t want to even think about life without us dogs! I wish I could have met your Ben?! Hope to see you sometime at a Poodle event?! Bye now, Louie

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