I Love Snoopy!

I Love Snoopy!

Instead of showing the YouTube video here (laws), please click on the link to see this cute “Snoopy in Space” video: https://youtu.be/n4hgH6IX2lU

I have always been a fan of the famous “SNOOPY” dog and now, I am eagerly awaiting the new Apple movie to be released this fall. At the end of this clip Charlie Brown says, “Ah, why can’t I have a normal dog?” I am sure you are guessing my response right now which is of course, who wants to be normal anyway?! After all, look at this dog who writes a blog and constantly reminds all of you humans to not worry about what others think of you?! Actually, I am the definition of abnormal!

I think Charles M. Schulz really was a brilliant writer with an incredible sense of humor. He knew more about what us dogs think than anyone else I have known (other than my owners that is!). Mr. Schulz just had a way of making sure everyone kept this life lighthearted. Gee, if he was still alive when I was born, I think he may have started a series on me, don’t you think? Oh no, now I am being very conceited?! I may be abnormal, but I am so very comfortable being me and sharing my insights.

Now, if you have not watched the above preview video, please enjoy. Let your mind go into space and your imagination with it!

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