Comfortable as I Am! July 10

Comfortable as I Am! July 10

Perhaps it is true what Nancy says, “Louie, good thing you were never in movies, you are not a great actor!” Well, it has me thinking about how so many humans are actors all the time. You walk around acting all important or the opposite, and then, you try to act like you are totally into the character you chose, when really, you are so out of character. Why don’t you simply accept who you are and QUIT acting?! Besides, wouldn’t the world be far more interesting if everyone played the roles they were meant to be?

I guess that is why I say it, like it is, around here because unlike many humans, I play my own character. I don’t have to study anyone else’s character since I act my own part. It is rather controversial about whether this life on earth is a dress rehearsal or not and I just remind everyone, that I am NOT an actor. Whoa….now, that is way too philosophical for us dogs – like, let’s live one day at a time.

Is your heading spinning as much as mine now after such a silly topic for my blog today? Jeepers, I think I should probably start reviewing some of those lighthearted movies again, don’t you?! Any movie suggestions would be welcome because I can’t do a whole lot of running with Nancy anymore and I need some “couch” suggestions other than watching the Minnesota Twins. (Besides, they are on the All-Star baseball break right now.) OK, go off and BE YOURSELF, no acting, OK!

4 thoughts on “Comfortable as I Am! July 10

  1. Hi Louie-
    First, love the picture of you relaxing on your dog bed – you’re so handsome! Two of our favorite lighthearted movies are Christmas Vacation (if you’re thinking about Christmas in July), and The Blues Brothers. Enjoy the movies, and Go Twins!

    1. Thanks Dana! I am so excited to watch the Minnesota Twins tonight and the movies you suggested. Thanks a lot! Enjoy the games and the Minnesota summer!

  2. Hi Louie, I would recommend seeing “A Dog’s Purpose”. It was sad at times, but I still give it 7-8 stars… the ending was especially good!

    1. Thanks, Lori! I will check out your suggested movie. I do know my purpose around here, that is for sure. Thanks for the movie suggestion and you have a great week! Louie

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